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Because roofing is a significant investment, it’s really important to make a careful plan to save your resources. Allow yourself a sufficient amount of time to measure the number of flashings, underlayment, shingles, and other materials required to roof your home. The more accurate your estimation, the less time and money you will waste waiting for deliveries during the construction. In this post, we’ll answer the question: ”How to measure your roof for shingles?” by showing you the most effective method for calculating the area of your roof to gauge the necessary number of shingles.

How to Measure Your Roof for Shingles

Roofing shingles are often sold by the square and bundle. A square is the needed quantity to cover 100 square feet of roof. Shingles are typically packaged in plastic or paper bundles created to be lightweight enough for a worker to carry, meaning that heavier shingles will need more bundles for each square. The most common case is 3 bundles per square, which is applied to most 3-tab strip units and a few lightweight laminated ones. The most important step to figuring out how many bundles of shingle you will need to buy is to calculate the area of your roof. Basically, there are two methods to size up a freshly stripped or new roof: sheet-count method and the measurement method and the sheet-count method. how-to-measure-your-roof-for-shingles

Measurement method

The most precise way to measure the number of shingle bundles you need to order is to climb up the roof and measure separate roof planes. If all of the planes are in rectangle shapes, you just need to multiply the width and length of each plane together to have the square footage. After that, add up these results to have the aggregate square of your roof. In case you can’t walk on the roof due to its steepness, it is still possible to calculate from the ground. First, you need to measure the house’s length at the floor level and gauge any rake-edge overhang. Then, use measuring tape to measure the distance from the ridge and the eaves edge.

Sheet-count method

If the sheathing is exposed, the sheet-count technique is much better and quicker. In general, you should only use this method on a roof that is sheathed with 4×8 feet structural panels. Since every structural panel is 32 square feet, you would easily calculate the full units from the ground.  If the shingles have 3 bundles per square, it is easy to calculate the necessary quantity of bundles. Since each bundle covers an area of 33.3 square feet, you just need to purchase one bundle for each roof sheathing sheet.
For other counts of bundle per square, just divide the quantity of sheathing sheets by 3 and you will have the aggregate number of squares that is needed to cover your roof. While the sheet-count method seems to be a simple measurement technique, you need to be realistic about the accuracy that you have to achieve to ensure that you won’t waste your money on shingles. We hope the methods listed about will help you learn how to measure your roof for shingles.

Post Author: Roofing Repair Pros